About the Program

Our Mission:

The mission of the DKE Cheerleaders is to promote school spirit throughout the school and within our community and to teach our young girls the importance of good sportsmanship, confidence and respect for themselves and their teammates 




1. Each team member is representing Discovery key Elementary School and is expected to maintain a positive attitude and appropriate behavior in the classroom, at school and in the community.

2. Each team member is expected to demonstrate respect towards his/her parents, teachers, and coaches at all times.

3. Each team member is expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all events.

4. Each team member is expected to be present on his/her designated practice days.

5. Each team member and his/her parents are strongly encouraged to participate in all events and activities.

6. Each team member is expected to fulfill all financial obligations.

7. Each team member is expected to show respect for everyone on the team. 


Fees and Schedule:

The monthly fee for the cheerleading program is $55 per month due the first week of each month.

Sibling discounts are available.

Program will run from September through April.

Events will be added to the calendar as they are scheduled. 

The Dolphin Code of Conduct is to be demonstrated at all times.